Gridiron Challenge: Week 5

Last week I lost to MattDotRich 142 to 117 and lost overall points to him 511 to 506.  Man do I wish I picked up Tom Brady at the beginning of the season…

Check out who we started for Week 5

FFPrep Mark:


QB: Aaron Rodgers ($6.20 locked, $7.20 Market) @ Atl

Aaron Rodgers is projected 21.7 points according to our nifty Projected Top 200 which is tops amongst quarterbacks.

QB: Matthew Stafford ($5.90 locked, $6.70 Market) @ Dal

Our projections have Stafford putting up 19.5 points this week which is only two spots behind Aaron Rodgers in ourPositional Rankings.

RB: Adrian Peterson ($6.10 locked, $6.70 Market) vs. Ari

Perhaps this week the Vikings will remember they have the best RB in the league and use him against a poor Cardinals defense…  Perhaps…

RB: Chris Johnson ($5.80 locked, $6.00 Market) @ Pit

I don’t love this matchup, but I can’t possible sit him after his responding to my begging last week.

WR: Roddy White ($5.50) vs. GB

Roddy hasn’t done much all season and he is going against a defense that is giving up the 3rd most points to opposing WRs.  Can you say, “Breakout”

WR: Calvin Johnson ($5.80 locked, $6.80 Market) vs. Chi

Here is what I said last week about Megatron:

What else is there to say about Calvin Johnson?  He has scored 2 touchdowns 3 weeks in a row and his QB is still healthy (knock on wood).  I will start him until Stafford is injured.

Make it 4 straight weeks in a row with 2 touchdowns…

TE: Jermichael Finley ($4.90 locked, $5.20 Market) @ Atl

Jermichael Finley will be drafed in the top 3 TEs next year after this years performance, take it to the bank.

K: Stephen Gostkowski ($4.40) vs. NYJ

D/ST: Steelers ($4.60 locked, $4.90 Market) vs. Ten  (check out the D/ST rankings for this week)

Total: $50.00 / $50.00  ($53.70 Market)  



QB: Tom Brady (locked 6.8, market 7.5) vs New York Jets

Gotta hold onto Brady though I’m not crazy about this match up. Despite that Brady is probably the most spiteful of all athletes and will be dying to torch the Jets, Aaron Hernandez being out is a big blow to this team. Allows Revis to stay on Welker the whole game and he’s been New England’s only reliable receiver since Hernandez went down. And opposing quarterback’s QB rating is 3.4 when throwing at Revis (3 receptions in 4 games).

QB: Aaron Rodgers (locked 6.8, market 7.4) vs. Atlanta

Bright lights, big city

RB: Adrian Peterson (locked 6, market 6.7) vs. Arizona

Arizona’s secondary is terrible, and I’m sure Minnesota wants to get Donovan McNabb going a little, but…. ya know…. he’s Donovan McNabb. He sucks, and Adrian Peterson doesn’t.

RB: Arian Foster (6.3) vs. Oakland

Healthy Arian Foster’s! Buy them while they’re hot!

WR: Jeremy Maclin (5.4) @ Buffalo

So for completely non fantasy reasons I was bummed that Dre Johnson went down (OK, Arian Foster?) . But I was legit shocked to see Maclin this affordable. The “Dream Team” is going to want to make a statement, and they should be able to against Buffalo’s 24th ranked pass defense.

WR: Calvin Johnson (locked 5.4, market 6.8) vs. Chicago

At least he’s STILL Calvin Johnson!

TE: Vernon Davis (4.6 locked, 5.1 market) vs. Tampa Bay

“Oh, now I see what you guys were talking about. He is a good player, huh?” – Coach Harbarugh

K: Josh Scobee (3.4) vs. Cincinatti

“I said ‘It’s Good To Be In Cincinatti”

D: New York Giants (5.0) vs. Seattle

Yes, Tavaris looked good last week, that doesn’t make up for a lifetime of suck.

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