Positional Rankings

Last Updated: 02-22-2017

The Positional Rankings display the weekly hierarchy by position.  This takes in to account the season totals, opponent, and momentum

Rank QBs Team Position Projected Points

Rank RBs Team Position Projected Points Projected PPR

Rank WRs Team Position Projected Points Projected PPR

Rank TEs Team Position Projected Points Projected PPR

14 thoughts on “Positional Rankings

  1. I have stashed a bunch of RB’s, but wonder whether to go with studs or work matchups. Which 3 would you choose, assuming you would bench A. Gates in a flex for one. Otherwise, which 2 would you choose? PPR league. Thanks.

    M. Bush, M. Lynch, F. Jones, C. Benson

    Normally Bush and Lynch would be no-brainers, but they don’t have good matchups.

  2. I don’t see Reggie Bush listed among the RBs; however, he appears to be practicing this week. Where would you rank him if he plays on Sunday.

  3. At the tight end position, who would you prefer for Week 16: Pitta or Cameron? Also, at the running back position, who would you prefer: Montee Ball or Lamar Miller? And lastly out of these three recievers, which 2 out of the 3 would you start: Torrey Smith, Marques Colston, and Michael Crabtree? Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Jas – The D/ST is split out to a separate page. I think I’ll include it in the positional Rankings going forward, but for the time being:

  4. Curious why is Odell Beckham has so many proj points this week — I know Cruz is out, but wow! Beckham is still available in my league but I’d need to drop Brandin Cooks, Mohamed Sanu, or Desean Jackson to get him… What to do??

    1. Ind has given up a lot of points to opposing WRs. Beckham also had two touchdowns in his last outing. I would consider Beckham for Jackson, but that one is up to you.

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