Positional Rankings

Updated 10/21/14

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  1. David says:

    I have stashed a bunch of RB’s, but wonder whether to go with studs or work matchups. Which 3 would you choose, assuming you would bench A. Gates in a flex for one. Otherwise, which 2 would you choose? PPR league. Thanks.

    M. Bush, M. Lynch, F. Jones, C. Benson

    Normally Bush and Lynch would be no-brainers, but they don’t have good matchups.

  2. FFPrep says:

    I am sorry I am late on the call. Felix Jones would have been a decent start but if he isn’t an option then Lynch and Benson

  3. Tom Jolitz says:

    I don’t see Reggie Bush listed among the RBs; however, he appears to be practicing this week. Where would you rank him if he plays on Sunday.

    • FFPrep says:

      Tom – Reggie was originally Questionable which dropped him off the positional rankings. I’d rank him #9 ahead of McFadden

  4. Mathew Martinez says:

    At the tight end position, who would you prefer for Week 16: Pitta or Cameron? Also, at the running back position, who would you prefer: Montee Ball or Lamar Miller? And lastly out of these three recievers, which 2 out of the 3 would you start: Torrey Smith, Marques Colston, and Michael Crabtree? Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Jas says:

    No team D?

    • FFPrep says:

      Hi Jas – The D/ST is split out to a separate page. I think I’ll include it in the positional Rankings going forward, but for the time being:

  6. bluedevil42 says:

    Andre Williams or Brandon oliver

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