Fantasy Football Tools


Trade Analyzer

This tool projects the points for each player over the remainder of the season.  This is especially helpful when it is an even trade (e.g. 2-for-2).  The Trade Analyzer also takes in to account Draft Picks.

Start / Sit Tool

This tool helps you decide between two or more seemingly equal players.  This is available in the Android marketplace as well.

Fantasy Depth Charts

Fantasy Depth Charts help to show who is the starter at each position and who could potentially replace the starter in the event of an injury.  We use Depth Charts to project points etc.

Remaining Strength of Schedule

This shows the difficulty of each players remaining schedule.

15 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Tools

  1. Hi,

    So Rainey could be shut down by the SF D, that leaves me with making a choice between Woodhead(outdoors in cold Denver) or Douglas at home vs Washington at a flex spot. Who do you think will benefit most at the flex spot?

  2. need a kicker for NO replacement Bailey dal or Henery phl

    Flex play Freddie Jackson or Coltson

    WR Colston, Wallace or Keenan need 2

  3. Jon,

    Thought I would let you know my son finished 2nd. Bush let him down. For me I won, Murray, now that the cowboys know he can be a featured back and laVeon bell are studs. Premium backs feature in a one back rotation. My flex Woodhead, San Diego needs to use him more. Watch and see how Denver uses Welker. I know Welker is a WR but basically get the slot, Woodhead even more dangerous but SD does not use him properly. Same with Detroit and Bush, he such a weapon they should use him better. Fred Jackson, an old man for RB has been a Stud for my son all year. CJ, a track guy, doesn’t have it for RB.

    7 yr deal for Cutler, what a waste. Watch for the Vikes to drop Castle and go for mcCown and draft a young guy. I’d also look for one of the Vikes RB going for trade bait. Jennings didn’t want to play outside now he will for two years in this freezing weather. I would want to play out in this stuff. Our high in MN is -13 for Monday. I’m still amazed my truck runs and stays warm in this cold stuff. I’m not built for this cold anymore, tell the boys how I fox hunted in -60 windchills growing up but not anymore. That Gopher stadium where the Vikes are going too play, only the Seats between the 15 yard lines have seat backs. the rest are metal benches. The scoreboard side of the stadium is open to the West, the winter NW winds will blow right in. The plus feature my wife says the ladys BRs are heated. Historically our New Years days are below zero. The Vikes are going to have to be good to get people in to that stadium. parking is a real dog too, there is very little.

    Thanks again.

  4. Pete –

    can’t be too upset about a #2 finish. I was lucky to overcome Bush’s lackluster performance. Congrats on the victory!

    Murray – He is great, when healthy
    Woodhead and Bush – I couldn’t agree more. They should be on the field as much as possible being as dynamic as they are.
    Fred Jackson and CJ are both RB3s to me

    I’m surprised about the Cutler deal. He’s really not that good. McCown will probably find a place competing for a starting job somewhere.

    Thanks for a great season and I’ll look forward to another great one in 2014

      1. Hi Jon,

        I’m thinking he should make the grade. I think the biggest step for the vikes was getting a new coach. So we wait to see when he gets the nod. He’s for real.

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