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Last Updated: 05-28-2016

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  1. Drew Biri says:

    I need a TE to replace Graham this week. I picked up Dickenson from Bal. Not many are available and I need a quick fix. Other options are Cook (Ten) and Schiefler (Det). Any recommendations?

  2. FFPrep says:

    It’s between Ed Dickson and Jared Cook. Both are playing tough D this week, but I’d go Dickson because of all the targets last week.

  3. Dean says:

    I am going to buy an app for everyone on my holiday list!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rohan says:

    Hey i need help deciding a couple of spots on my roster
    I have a open WR spot and a flex spot open,
    my choices are

    Miles Austin vs. seattle
    Anotnio Brown vs. jets
    Kevin Smith vs. san francisco
    Malcom floyd vs. titans
    Dexter McCluster vs. Bills

  5. Robert says:

    I am trying to decide on a WR since Nicks keeps letting me down by not playing. I have Travis Benjamin and Alshon Jeffery. Also need some suggestions for RB pick ups. I got Jonathan Stewart to put in but I am still not sure.

  6. Robert says:

    Or if there are any other suggestions for a WR to try and pick up I’ll take those as well.

  7. FFPrep says:

    Davone Bess is another option at WR. For RB’s aside from Battle and Mendenhall, potentially Bolden. It’s tough to say, unless you want to post the top 5 RBs and WRs on the wire…

  8. Brendan says:

    I’m in a tough spot about who to start in my flex position this week-

    Doug Martin vs KC
    Brian Hartline vs STL
    Jeremy Maclin vs DET

    Thanks for any advice!

  9. Timothy Her says:

    which three to start in ppr? cruz, welker, white, cobb

  10. Michael says:

    Should I start Rothlisberger vs Washington or Cutler vs Carolina?

  11. I’m in the championship, need some advice. For my defense should I go with either the 49ers, Bengals or Carolina? Also for my WR2 and Flex pick 2 of 3: Wayne, Lloyd, or Amendola in a PPR league?

    • FFPrep says:

      The Start/Sit tool will tell you to start the Bengals. Bengals D/ST has a greater upside and downside than the 49ers D/ST. It really depends on your situation. If you need the upside, go with the Bengals. If you want a more consistent D, go with the 49ers. Good luck this week!

  12. Sally says:

    Should I start Cam Newton or Russell Wilson week 1?

  13. Jarrett says:

    K. Thompkins v Jets with Annedola out
    Bowe v. Cowboys

    Dalton at Pit
    Palmer at Det

  14. Drewfus says:

    Having trouble w my te options. Jason witten or Jordan Cameron?

  15. Tim says:

    P. Garcon (WR) or G. Bernard (RB) for my flex?

  16. Josip says:

    I have Santonio Holmes or TY Hilton for Indiana colts Flex slots since Gronk is out again, which one should i start?

  17. Shannon says:

    Stevan Ridley or Joseph Randle (With Demarco Murray out this week)?

  18. John says:

    1. 12TM, 1/2PPR: MJD or Sproles?

    2. 10TM, Standard: Need 2…..Reggie Bush, Lacy, Joique Bell, Ryan Mathews?

  19. kyoz says:

    Patroits D vs clev or Cheifs D vs wash??

    • FFPrep says:

      I don’t think you can go wrong here. The Patriots D should do well against Cleveland but I think you should start the Chiefs.

  20. pete peterson says:

    For flex harry doyglas or bobby rainey

  21. Brian says:

    Do I start Charles Clay or Jason Witten for week 15? I’m up in the air about it because Clay is on a roll and Witten hasn’t been putting up the numbers. I play in a ppr league if it makes a difference.

  22. kyoz says:

    I need 2 only. Andre brown? Frank gore? Ryan mathews? I gt mathews in there now cuz he been hot but I dont know between gore n brown.and I already gt vereen in my flex so who do I start gore or brown??

  23. kyoz says:

    And harry douglas or cordell patterson or greg jennings which 1 do I start??

  24. anthony says:

    Kendall wright (vs AZ) or cordarrelle patterson (vs eagles)

    Wright is consistent, but patterson is doing well right now.

  25. Devin says:

    Zac Stacy or Reggie Bush? Julius Thomas or Tony Gonzalez?

    • FFPrep says:

      Reggie if he plays, otherwise Stacy. You’ll have to make that decision early so Stacy may be the safer play.

      Julius Thomas over Tony G

  26. peter peterson says:

    Flex play Woodhead or Rainey

  27. pete says:

    flex play Rainey or Woodhead

  28. kyoz says:

    Ok seriously buddy this is win or go home whos gnna have a better game cordell patterson or harry douglas?? N gore or brown

  29. peter peterson says:

    Gore and Douglas. Washington’s secondary is terrible and the Falcons play at home. The Vikes are bad, Cassel has been as good as he is a backup QB in the NFL, If the Vikes get a QB in the future Cordelle would be good. Trust me I live in MN the Vikings right now are bad they couldn’t beat the Giants remember and the Giants are bad. San Fran is fighting for the playoffs, Vikes are not.

    • kyoz says:

      Ok yea I agree with you on gore but with douglas he got me where im at I had julio jones so douglas came in n dominated for me but his last to games been a scare.. n this kid patterson is special plus I think philly gnna go up big n if no peterson for vikes there gnna hav to pass all day.. I think atl should win easily n lean on jackson. What u think?

  30. peter peterson says:

    AP is playing. Falcons are playing at home. The Vikings are a mess, look for Douglas to be targeted and score at home with a porous Washington Defense. Washington has more discord than the Vikings right now, they have given up.

  31. peter peterson says:

    Bottom line pass on Patterson, he’s a special kid on a bad team with a bad organization at that. It’s your team but I expect Douglas is going to pop again this weekend. Atlanta is built for their dome and Washington is not very good.

  32. Jim says:

    Rainy or Cj spiller or Fred jackson?

  33. Jason says:

    Wheaton over Hilton for week 1… Denver D that tough?

    • FFPrep says:

      We are still working out some of the numbers. T.Y. was listed as the #3 WR in Indy, but I’ve updated that to reflect the true projection. Thanks Jason

  34. Cory Huey says:

    I have Keenan Allen in my flex but im worried about him going up against Peterson. Should i stick with Allen or go with Fred Jackson or Stevan Ridley? Thanks

  35. Scott Becker says:

    Have to sit one. Shane Vereen, Julian Edlelman, Joique Bell?

  36. Alex says:

    If Andre Ellington can’t go, should I consider starting Dwyer over Ryan Mathews? Right now Mathews is my starter but I picked up Dwyer last minute.

    • FFPrep says:

      I’d rather go with the starter Ryan Mathews. You can certainly make the case for Dwyer, but I’d rather go with the vet.

  37. Kyoz says:

    Andre Ellington or justin Forcet??

  38. Dan says:

    I have a three player flex dilemma. TY Hilton, Shane Vereen, or Stevan Ridley?

    • FFPrep says:

      After seeing what the Jets and Texans RBs did to the Raiders, I’d be inclined to start either Vereen or Ridley. It’s up to you. I’d start Vereen in a PPR Ridley in nonPPR

  39. Mike says:

    I need 3 RBs to start, Stevan Ridley NE, Matt Asiata MIN, Ahmad Bradshaw IND, Trent Richardson IND, Khiry Robinson NO, & Frank Gore SF all for week 3. Which 3 to start at RB1, RB2, & Flex?

  40. Mike says:

    Matt Asiata, Min RB vs NO, Ahmad Bradshaw, Ind RB vs JAC, Stevan Ridley, NE RB vs OAK, Frank Gore, SF RB vs ARI, Khiry Robinson, NO RB vs MIN, which 3 RBSs to start at RB1 & RB2 & Flex positions for week 3?

  41. mike says:

    torrey smith or O’Dell beckham

    • FFPrep says:

      I’d start Beckham. They are both playing weak defenses but you know what you have with Smith. I’d take Beckham’s upside.

  42. Justin says:

    Pick 2 Eddie lacey, Ahmed bradshaw, andre Ellington. What 2 do I start?

  43. justin says:

    Pick 2 rb Ellington, bradshaw, hillman n oliver?? Wat 2?? Half my team is denver already wit Thomas, sanders n Thomas/te.

  44. mike says:

    Who should I start? Tre Mason, or Chris Ivory? My other back is Forte, a must start. Also would you play Percy Harvin this week? Other options are… Terrance Williams, Sanu, Larry Fitz? I have Jordy Nelson, Williams, and Fitz as of now

    • FFPrep says:

      I’d start Ivory until you get more clarity out of StL. As for the WRs, I’d start Jordy, Fitz, and Williams. You can take a shot on Percy over Williams, but I’d rather take a wait-and-see approach.

  45. mike says:

    I concur, Thanks for helping me talk myself into it. You usually pretty spot on.

  46. Justin huber says:

    What QB should I pick up for week 9, Alex smith, Brian Hoyer, Michael Vick, Big Ben, or ryan Fitzpatrick

  47. Justin Huber says:

    Thank you

  48. desperation calls!! says:

    gore or Brandon oliver at flex? also for qb2 bortles, glennon, carr, or weeden?

  49. Francisco says:

    Who should I flex Jon brown , Jordan Cameron , or agohlor ? Tannehill is my qb ! Or should I play Bradford or romo ?

    • FFPrep says:

      I’d flex Brown. I’d want to see the other two for a week before going with them. It is your flex so you can take a chance if you want to. I’d start Romo this week of the three QBs – the cowboys-giants game could be a shootout.

  50. Luke says:

    Who should be my flex, Ameer Abdullah or Tevin Coleman?

  51. Luke says:

    In the flex should I go with Abdullah, or maybe John Brown, Maclin, or maybe see if Arian Foster is ready to go?

  52. Luke says:

    Standard espn scoring, I also have Starks from Green Bay in case Lacy doesn’y play

  53. Luke says:

    Should I drop Coleman or Abdullah to make room for Andre Ellington? I’m hoping Foster plays this week and I have Karlos Williams in the flex this week. Would Ellington be a good long term pick up with the struggle of Forsett?

  54. Luke says:

    Should I start Forsett against the Cardinals or Shady McCoy against the Jags? Also should I start T.y. Hilton against the Saints or Maclin against the Steelers?

  55. FFPrep says:

    I’d start LeSean and T.Y.

  56. Luke says:

    In the flex, should I start Charcandrick West, Darren McFadden, or Alfred Blue? Who has the most upside in the future?

  57. Luke says:

    Langford or McFadden in the flex this week?

  58. Robert says:

    Have you ever thought of adding PPR rankings and projections to your trade analyzer and weekly projections? I know it would be a lot of work, but it would sure help many people out there.
    This week for instance, Jarvis Landry is ranked 130+ in standard… in PPR he’s a MONSTER!!

    • FFPrep says:

      Hi Robert-

      It has been on my list for a while now but you’re right. I’ll make sure we prioritize PPR rankings.

      Thanks for the feedback

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