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Last Updated: 05-25-2016

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70 comments on “Trade Analyzer
  1. Elmer Duarte says:

    Hey Mark,

    Awesome website! I’m in 7 leagues (1st place in 3 of them) and am ALWAYS looking for that edge through stats and i have to say that I love the fantasy football tools. You have a great life Mark, you trade and run a ff site, that to me is the American Dream.

    Great job!


  2. FFPrep says:

    @Elmer Duarte
    Hey Elmer,
    Thanks man. I guess you got the bug after that office league lol. I am glad you like the Tools, let me know if you have any suggestions for next season.

  3. Elmer Duarte says:

    Bug? Mark it’s like an obsession. It’s just like trading..sell high, buy low n finding “gems” before anyone knows their name.

    Just yesterday I was telling my wife that Matthew Berry (ESPN Fantasy) has the best job in the world! I honestly don’t know how you find the time, given that you trade, but you’ve done a great job Mark.

    One of the few recommendations is being able to adjust the the analyzer based on specific scoring settings for a league, e.g PPR & non PPR.


  4. bradley mcinnis says:

    yea this is what I need and all but my league has specific scoring so not sure this would help me at all

  5. brian says:

    The calculator says I shouldn’t trade demarco murray and antonio brown for ray rice because I lose 16 points and should decline the trade. Problem with this is ray rice is projected for 185 and murray and brown projected for 201 combined. That makes it a trade that would be great for me because Rice will score almost as many points as it takes 2 players to achieve. Seems to be a flaw in the system.

  6. FFPrep says:

    Brian – Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I haven’t been able to re-create that issue so it should be all set.

  7. brian says:

    Just tried it again with same results. Thanks for looking into it.

  8. FFPrep says:

    Brian I just entered Demarco Murray and Antonio Brown on the left and Ray Rice on the right and because Murray and Brown had more projected points, it said to decline the trade (180 vs 161). Make sure you are putting your players in the left box and the player you are receiving in the right box.

  9. John says:

    Brian…Clearly the tool is set up to tell you to accept if point total is higher and decline if it is lower. Even if the difference is only -1 pt it will tell you to decline.

    As it says above….
    “Remember this is a tool that assumes you are starting everyone involved. If you have Tom Brady and you are trading away Carson Palmer, the Trade Analyzer does not know that you have Brady and may give you results you didn’t expect. Use this as a tool, not an end-all-decision-maker.”

    You have to use your own common sense to use the information for your team. Its just giving you an idea of what you are giving up and what you are potentially getting.

    In your scenario, since you are giving up 2 (RB & WR) and getting 1 (RB). It would make sense to make the trade despite losing pts if you had someone to start in place of the WR you are giving up. My guess is Brown is a situational play for you and you have some depth at WR, so this trade would probably leave you with 2 good RB’s and 3 startable WR’s. In that case, Accept! However, If it leaves you with 2 good RB’s and only 2 Startable WR’s and noone to use for your Flex, you may want to think a little bit about accepting. Depth and Consistancy out way having one Stud.

    With all of that being said, I think offloading a injury concern RB on a struggling offense with a WR 2/3 for a fantasy stud RB1 is probably a no brainer for you

  10. Bill JOhnson says:

    you trade analyzer is not updated. How can it project that Jordy Nelson would only have 11 points for the season in 2012. He has had a ton of points already this year. You need to update your stuff

  11. chesse says:

    i cant seem to access the trade tool. should i make this trade:

    jordy nelson and darren sproles for reggie bush?

    i would be receiving bush…

    • FFPrep says:

      Chesse- We’ll update FFPrep tomorrow with all of the Week 5 points. At this point, it would depend on your running back situation. If you are relying on Darren Sproles as your #1, I wouldn’t make the trade.

  12. jerseydevil327 says:

    so Jordan reed is a FA and I have delanie walker, should I keep walker or give him up for reed?

  13. For Real says:

    Branden Oliver has no projected points. Probably need to fix that

  14. Chris TOmlinson says:

    I lost foles and was offered Sanchez for Jimmy Graham….We start 2 Qb’s so having quality Qb’s is big…I still have Kap and Mettenberger… Was also offered Stafford and Witten for Graham and K. Allen….WE dont play H2H its total team points for the entire year…PPR league as well…..Start WR/TE together…


    • FFPrep says:

      I don’t like either of those trades. Graham is too valuable to trade away for lower end QB2s. Is there anything else available on the wire? Is Mallett available? Otherwise, could you move Keenan Allen for someone like Alex Smith or Eli Manning? Good luck

  15. Mike says:

    Julius Thomas only projected to get 69 points, yet Reggie Bush 157? I don’t think so.

  16. Anthony says:

    Hey your Trade Analyzer is saying “This item won’t load right now” was working fine yesterday…..

  17. Andy Gamisou says:

    Brady has a zero still? He’s back, fix it.

  18. Paul says:

    Hey FFPrep,
    I’m surprised to see T.Y. Hilton ranked well below Jeremy Maclin. That’s a pretty unpopular opinion. Emmanuel Sanders is ranked pretty low as well. Could you explain your reasoning a bit there? Thanks!

    • FFPrep says:

      Hi Paul,

      They are both WR2s to Johnson and Thomas vs. Maclin being a WR1. I like Sanders a lot, and see T.Y. and Maclin as equals. Hope this helps and thanks for your input.

  19. Luke says:

    Is trading Tannehill, Maclin and Forsett for Dez Bryant, Winston and McCoy worth it? I know Dez is injured right now but has upside for the playoff stretch. I play in a 10-team standard scoring league.

  20. FFPrep says:

    Hi Luke. I like the trade. If you have another QB, then I love the trade. If this is a keeper / dynasty league then there are other considerations, but on the surface it’s a good trade for you.

    • Luke says:

      Yeah I have Tom Brady and at Running back I also have Adrian Peterson, Abdullah, Coleman and waiting for Arian Foster to come back from injury. I have Brown, Hilton and Terrance Williams until Dez returns. I’m not too sure about McCoy though, do you think his upside is greater than Forsett’s?

  21. Luke says:

    Sammy Watkins was just dropped onto the waiver wire, is he a consideration for WR2 or should I go with Maclin, John Brown? Or wait to see what T.y. Hilton’s status is for Monday?

  22. frank says:

    FFPrep: What do you think about this trade proposal?

    Demarco Murray & Jarvis Landry for Tevin Coleman & Martavis Bryant


  23. Regor Marin says:

    What do you think of A.J. Green and Carlos Hyde for Marshawn Lynch and T.Y. Hilton?

  24. Michael says:

    someone offered me DeMarco Murray and Vincent Jackson for Frank Gore and Karlos Williams…

    a problem is I have Mike Evans on my roster..

    Should I take this offer?

  25. Robert says:

    I just ran a trade through the analyzer.
    Giving : Maxx Williams – 28 points for rest of season
    Getting: Antonio Gates – 14 points for rest of season
    It tells me NOT to make the trade.

    Could you tell me why you have Gates projected so low?


  26. BigDVic says:

    Call me crazy if talking trades after being 3-0, but I and have had alot of interest in Forte. I feel forte may lose value with other rb’s getting reps for the future on top of the bears always playing from behind. Keep in mind i have Bell and Freeman/Coleman as well. But Absolutely no Wr’s..Golden tate, Adams, and Kendall Wright are my only wide outs.

    Does it benefit me enough in return to trade away Matt Forte and Martavus Bryant for Andre Ellington and Demaryus Thomas?

    Is Andre Ellington the prefferred piece over C.J. Anderson. According to your analyzer Andre will end with the better year. Most other places I’ve looked has CJ valued higher than ellington.

    Should i make the trade? and for whihc RB Ellington or Anderson?

    QB: Palmer, RB1; L Bell RB2: Forte Flex: Freeman/Coleman WR1: Tate wr2: Kendall Wright WR3(Bench): D Adams TE!: Reed and Witten…Cardinals Defense. Martavus Bryant, Deangelo williams and Rishard Matthews on Bench.


    • FFPrep says:

      First of all congratulations on a nice start. I don’t think you should make that trade. I agree that Forte is a risk, but I’d always prefer a good RB to WR. You should be able to pick up some depth at WR in free agency – is agholor available? You may be able to trade Adams and Bryant in a package. Good luck!

  27. Brad says:

    I just lost J. Charles in my PPR league. Should I trade Gore and A. Cooper for Eddie Lacy and Brandin Cooks? I’m a little worried about Lacy and Cooks’ production, but I feel like they’ll bounce back. Thoughts?


    • FFPrep says:

      Hi Brad – I’d make this trade. I like Cooper, but I think you’re right about a bounce back for Lacy and Cooks. I obv like Lacy more than Gore.

  28. Jerry Rosales says:

    Julio Jones and Ingram for Gronk and Edelman????

  29. Regor Marin says:

    I know this sounds crazy but should I trade Forte for Freeman?

  30. Luke says:

    I have Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Justin Forsett and LeSean McCoy as my RB. Should I try and make a trade to get Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, or Eddie Lacy? Or should I just keep the running backs? I’m pretty reluctant to get rid of All Day but would any other top running back be worth it?

    • FFPrep says:

      Hi Luke – If you can trade Forsett, I’d make the trade. Also – how many RBs can you start? Would your team be better off trading Forsett for a top tier WR?

  31. Luke says:

    You can start 2 running backs plus the flex and at WR I have Antonio Brown, T.y. Hilton, Jeremy Maclin, and Dez Bryant

    • FFPrep says:

      I think you can trade Forsett and Maclin or Hilton for a better WR. Your team is stacked though so it’s up to you.

  32. Tim says:

    got an offer:

    Trading away: Tom Brady, Latavius Murray, and Jeremy Maclin

    Receiving: Philip Rivers, Jeremy Hill, Amari Cooper, and Derek Carr.

    My RB’s are Jonathon Stewart, Ronnie Hillman, Ryan Matthews, and Latavius Murray.

    My Wr’s are Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, Steve Smith Sr., and Jeremy Maclin.

    I feel I should decline the trade but see that the schedule gets harder for both Brady and Murray. What do you think?

    • FFPrep says:

      I would decline this trade. The only player you are getting that I really like is Cooper so if you want to slim it down to Maclin and Stewart or Mathews for Cooper, I’d make that trade.

  33. Regor Marin says:

    Is Keenan Allen for Emmanuel Sanders a good trade?

  34. f-dog says:

    Can’t import Willie snead…

  35. Jaime says:

    I have Matt Ryan and would like to upgrade for final stretch.

    Would there be enough of an upgrade from Ryan to Drew Brees to make the following trade?

    Matt Ryan and Jeremy Hill
    Drew Brees

  36. FFPrep says:

    Hi Jaime,

    it all depends on the owner you’re trading with. If they are in need of a RB, then I would say you have a good shot of getting this approved.

  37. Nick says:


    Greetings from Australia. How far off are you from updating the stats for the 2016 season? A couple of my leagues are already starting to trade before the draft, and I need to ensure I’m getting fair value. Plenty of offers for Osweiler coming my way!

    • FFPrep says:

      Hey Nick-

      We are moving to a new platform, but I’m hoping to get preliminary rankings / projections up in the next couple weeks. Thanks for support! What are the offers you’re contemplating?

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