Gridiron Challenge: Week 14

I now own a 29 point lead in my league over MattDotRich 1511 to 1482 (3rd place is 1463).  Now normally I’d take the credit for this lead, but I started Denarius Moore two weeks in a row on Thursday and went away for the weekends.  While Moore was sitting for the Raiders, he was starting for FFPrep… This weekend I am available to change my lineup so I am tentatively starting Moore again, but will be a game-time decision.

Make sure you check out all of our Fantasy Football Tools before setting your lineups this week starting Thursday with the Browns @ Steelers. Check out who we started for Week 14:

FFPrep Mark:

QB: Tom Brady ($7.10 locked, $7.60 market) @ Was

Tom Terrific is flying to Washington this week and is projected to score 19 according to our Top 200.  The Redskins are a pretty tough defense, only giving up an average of 13 points to opposing fantasy QBs.  I expect the Patriots to use the run to set up the pass, but who really know’s what Belichick is going to do.

QB: Joe Flacco ($5.70) vs. Ind

Normally I’d keep rolling on the Tebow-Train, but this week he is playing a tough Bears D so I had to call an audible and start Flacco against the miserable Colts defense.  Our projections have Flacco putting up 12 points this week which is only good enough for the #19 spot in our Positional Rankings.

RB: Chris Johnson ($7.20) vs. NO

In his last two weeks, Chris Johnson has scored 17 and 27 points.  This week he faces a Saints D that gives up 17 points to opposing fantasy RBs.  This match up comes at a time when Chris Johnson is rolling so I will ride the momentum.

RB: DeMarco Murray ($4.70 locked, $5.30 market) vs. NYG

I’ve built some good value in Murray and will be starting him until I am forced to make a switch.  FFPrep is projecting 11 points for DeMarco this week.

WR: Calvin Johnson ($7.80) vs. Min

Defenses are doing what they should have done at the beginning of the season to Calvin, double and triple-team him.  The drop off in production could make you sick.  Hopefully this is the week where Megatron and Stafford get back on track.

WR: Denarius Moore ($4.10) @ GB

Bonehead play of week 12 – me starting Moore.  Bonehead play of week 13 – me starting Moore.  Brilliant play of week 14 – me starting Moore.

TE: Rob Gronkowski ($6.90 locked, $7.60 market) @ Was

Last week I predicted 2 TD spikes out of Gronkowski and he performed 3. This week I will keep in conservative and predict 2 Gronk TD spikes in Washington.

K: Ryan Longwell ($2.90 locked, $3.30 market) @ Det

D/ST: Chargers ($3.40 locked, $3.70 market) vs. Buf (check out the D/ST rankings for this week)

Total: $49.80 / $50.00 ($52.30 Market)




QB: Joe Flacco (5.7) vs Indi

Flaccs on Flaccs on Flaccs. The funny part will be watching the Colts continue to play base coverage while the Ravens continue to kill them down the seems, while their 96 year old defensive coordinator tries to think about how he handled the Blue Barons in the 1924 CFL Championship.

QB: Tom Brady (7.6) @ Wash

Well, if he’s going to become President of the United States he has to impress Washington, right?

RB: Beanie Wells (6.8) vs SF

Beanie’s been on a tear, and Willis just suffered a tear.

RB: Arian Foster (6.3 locked, 8.5 market) @ Cinci

By wide margin, the best fantasy player going right now.

WR: Anquan Boldin (5.8) @ Indi

And this will be the man who exploits those seem routes. Over and over and over again.

Semi-unrelated: Has there ever been someone whose presented a better argument for allowing defensive pass interference to count as points than Anquan Boldin? I feel like he draws about 5 a game. And what’s particularly hilarious is that he celebrates them EVEN MORE than the catches. That’s understanding the game, I guess.

WR: Calvin Johnson (5.4 locked, 7.8 market) vs. Minny

He’s Clavin Johnson? I think.

TE: Brandon Pettigrew (4.9) vs. Minny

Don’t have a GREAT feeling about Pettigrew but I had to figure out a way to afford Anquan Boldin. My thoughts are with Jared Allen rushing, Stafford is going to have to get the ball out extra early and hopefully will be looking Brandon’s way. Now if Pettigrew will just learn to CATCH it.

K: Jay Feely (3.5) vs SF

Remember him from ESPN’s “Cold Pizza”?

D: Kansas City Chiefs (4.3) @ NYJ

Dear Jets,


The Grimm Reaper

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